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Returns the operational status of the Fulfillment Inbound Shipment API section.


The GetServiceStatus operation returns the operational status of the Fulfillment Inbound Shipment API section of Amazon Marketplace Web Service. Status values are GREEN, YELLOW, and RED.


This operation is available in all marketplaces except Brazil and China.


The GetServiceStatus operation has a maximum request quota of two and a restore rate of one request every five minutes. For definitions of throttling terminology, see Fulfillment Inbound Shipment API.

Request parameters


Response elements

Name Description
Status The following list shows possible values returned by the GetServiceStatus operation:
The service is operating normally.
The service is experiencing higher than normal error rates or is operating with degraded performance. Additional information may be provided.
The service is unavailable or experiencing extremely high error rates. Additional information may be provided.

Type: xs:string

Timestamp Indicates the time at which the operational status was evaluated.

In ISO 8601 date time format

Type: xs:dateTime

MessageId An Amazon-defined message identifier.

Type: xs:string

Messages The parent element of one or more Message elements.
Message The operational status message.
The parent element of the following child elements (both child elements are type: xs:string):
  • Locale
  • Text


Example query request

For information about standard request requirements, see Required request parameters.

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Example response

For information about standard response formatting, see Response format.

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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<GetServiceStatusResponse xmlns="">

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