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What is Amazon MWS Scratchpad?

Amazon MWS Scratchpad is an application that enables you to easily submit query requests using any Amazon MWS API section. You can indicate the API section, the operation, and any required and optional parameters from the Amazon MWS Scratchpad user interface. If you are submitting a feed, you can paste the contents of your feed in the textbox under the Feed tab. Amazon MWS Scratchpad automatically creates a valid request signature, a timestamp, an MD5 header, and a User-Agent header, and then submits your request to Amazon MWS. Amazon MWS Scratchpad then displays the XML response from Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS).

Amazon MWS Scratchpad can be a helpful tool for software developers who are developing solutions using Amazon MWS. Because Amazon MWS Scratchpad automatically generates and displays many of the inputs that are required in a query request to Amazon MWS, you can see how these inputs look when they are correctly formed. Examining the Amazon MWS responses that Amazon MWS Scratchpad displays for each of your query requests can help you build successful parsing logic.

Who should use Amazon MWS Scratchpad?

To use Amazon MWS Scratchpad you should have a basic understanding of how to submit a query request to Amazon MWS. For more information, see What is Amazon MWS?.