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Error codes

The following table describes error codes that are unique to the Easy Ship API section returns. For descriptions of error codes that are common to all Amazon MWS API sections, see Error Messages in the Amazon MWS Developer Guide.

Error code HTTP status code Description
InvalidRequest 400 Request has missing or invalid parameters and cannot be parsed.
ResourceNotFound 400 The resource specified (for example, AmazonOrderId or MarketplaceId) does not exist.
RetryableAfterGettingNewSlots 400 Order scheduling has failed because of an issue with the selected pickup slot. If you see this error, request a new pickup slot and try to schedule again.
SchedulesdPackageAlreadyExists 400 The order has already been scheduled for a package pickup slot.
RegionNotSupported 404 Amazon Easy Ship is not supported in the specified marketplace.
ScheduleWindowExpired 404 The scheduled pickup slot has expired. Try calling ListPickupSlots again to get a new pickup slot.
InvalidOrderState 404 The request cannot be applied to the order in its current state. For example, you cannot cancel an order which has not yet been scheduled or which has already been canceled.
PickupSlotNotAvailable 404 The specified pickup slot is not available. This could be because the specified PackageWeight or PackageDimensions values do not correspond to the specified PickupSlot. This could also be because the pickup slot has expired.