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What you should know about the Amazon MWS Sellers API Section

The 亚马逊MWS “卖家 API”部分 of the 亚马逊商城网络服务 (亚马逊 MWS) API lets sellers retrieve information about their seller account, such as the marketplaces they participate in. Along with listing the marketplaces that a seller can sell in, the API also provides additional information about the marketplace such as the default language and the default currency. The API also provides seller-specific information such as whether the seller has suspended listings in that marketplace.

The following operations are included in the “卖家 API”部分:

Operation Short Description
ListMarketplaceParticipations Returns a list of marketplaces that the seller submitting the request can sell in, and a list of participations that include seller-specific information in that marketplace.
ListMarketplaceParticipationsByNextToken Returns the next page of marketplaces and participations using the NextToken.
GetServiceStatus Returns the operational status of the “卖家 API”部分.


The following table defines terminology for this API section:

Term Definition
Marketplace A marketplace is an Amazon market where the seller can list items for sale and customers can view and purchase items. Each Amazon marketplace has a unique ID associated with it. Multiple marketplaces can exist in a single country. Example: and
Marketplace Participation Information that is specific to the seller in that Marketplace. Example: the HasSellerSuspendedListings parameter