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Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) will no longer be available after March 31, 2024. All MWS developers must migrate to Selling Partner API (SP-API) to avoid service disruptions. Refer to the Migration Hub for more information.

Amazon MWS Documentation

How to get invoice, shipping label, and warranty documents

Amazon generates an invoice when a buyer places an Amazon Easy Ship order in India. When you call the CreateScheduledPackage operation to schedule an Amazon Easy Ship pickup slot for the order, Amazon generates a shipping label. If you include serial numbers for the items that you specify in your call to CreateScheduledPackage, Amazon also generates warranty documents for the items. This topic explains how to get invoices, shipping labels, and warranties for Amazon Easy Ship orders that are scheduled for pickup.

Task 1. Get a report identifier

You’ll need a report identifier to pass in with the GetReportList operation in Task 2. Get the PDF.

To get a report identifier

  1. Call the SubmitFeed operation, specifying the following request parameters:
    • FeedContent. Use the easyship-documents.xsd to form the content of the feed. For more information, see SubmitFeed and Easy Ship feed.
    • FeedType. Specify _POST_EASYSHIP_DOCUMENTS_
    • ContentMD5Value. For information about calculating this value, see SubmitFeed.
    • AmazonOrderId. The identifier for the Amazon Easy Ship order that you want documents for. Use the AmazonOrderId that you included with your call to CreateScheduledPackage when you scheduled the pickup slot.
    • DocumentType. The type of document that you want to get. See SubmitFeed.

    The operation returns a FeedSubmissionId value.

  2. Call the GetFeedSubmissionList operation, specifying the FeedSubmissionId value from Step 1.

    If the operation returns a status of _Done_, continue to Step 3. If not, retry until it returns a status of _Done_. For more information, see What you should know about the Amazon MWS Feeds API section.

  3. Call the GetFeedSubmissionResult operation, specifying the FeedSubmissionId value from Step 1.

    The operation returns a feed processing report. If there are no errors, use the ReportReferenceId value from the processing report as a report identifier in Task 2. Get the PDF. If there are errors, correct them and start again at Step 1. Repeat the process until there are no errors and the processing report contains the ReportReferenceId value.

Task 2. Get the PDF

Get a PDF that contains the invoice, shipping label, and warranty (if available) documents for the Amazon Easy Ship order.

  1. Call the GetReportList operation. When specifying the ReportRequestIdList parameter, use the ReportReferenceId value from Task 1. Get a report identifier.

    The operation returns a ReportId value that you can pass into the GetReport operation in the following step.

  2. Call the GetReport operation, specifying the ReportId from the previous step.

    The operation returns PFD data and a Content-MD5 header. Process the the Content-MD5 header to confirm that the report was not corrupted during transmission. For more information about verifying a report using the Content-MD5 header, see GetReport in the Reports API reference.

  3. Save the PDF data into a file with a PDF extension.