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Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) Documentation

Deprecation Notice:

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) will no longer be available after March 31, 2024. All MWS developers must migrate to Selling Partner API (SP-API) to avoid service disruptions. Refer to the Migration Hub for more information.

Amazon MWS Documentation

Fee Types

These are the fee types associated with various Amazon services.

For more information about Selling on Amazon fees, see Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule on Seller Central. For more information about Fulfillment by Amazon fees, see FBA features and fees on Seller Central. The following table maps the FeeType field of FeeComponent to seller fees:

FeeType Seller Fee Availability
Selling on Amazon Fees
Commission Referral Fees All marketplaces.
CouponClipFee Coupon clip fee The US and Canada marketplaces.
CouponRedemptionFee Coupon redemption fee The US and Canada marketplaces.
CSBAFee CSBA fee The Japan marketplace.
FixedClosingFee Per-item fees for Individual Sellers All marketplaces.
FreshInboundTransportationFee Fresh Inbound Transportation Fee All marketplaces.
HighVolumeListingFee High-volume listing fee The US marketplace.
ImagingServicesFee Amazon Imaging fee The US marketplace.
MFNPostageFee Easy Ship Fee The India marketplace.
ReferralFee Referral Fees All marketplaces.
RefundCommission Refund Administration Fee All marketplaces.
SalesTaxCollectionFee Tax Calculation Services Fees All marketplaces.
Subscription Monthly subscription fee All marketplaces.
TextbookRentalBuyoutFee Purchase of Rented Books All marketplaces.
TextbookRentalExtensionFee Rental Extensions All marketplaces.
TextbookRentalServiceFee Rental Book Service Fee All marketplaces.
VariableClosingFee Closing Fees All marketplaces.
FeeType Seller Fee Availability
Fulfillment By Amazon Fees
AmazonUpstreamProcessingFee Amazon Warehousing and Distribution processing fee for replenishment order The US marketplace.
AmazonUpstreamStorageTransportationFee Amazon Warehousing and Distribution transportation fee for replenishment order The US marketplace.
BubblewrapFee FBA Prep Service Fees (Bubble Wrap) All marketplaces.
FBACustomerReturnPerOrderFee Returns Processing Fee-Order Handling All marketplaces.
FBACustomerReturnPerUnitFee Returns Processing Fee-Pick & Pack All marketplaces.
FBACustomerReturnWeightBasedFee Returns Processing Fee-Weight Handling All marketplaces.
FBADisposalFee Inventory Disposals All marketplaces.
FBAFulfillmentCODFee Fee for cash on delivery The Japan marketplace.
FBAInboundConvenienceFee Inventory Placement Service Fees All marketplaces.
FBAInboundDefectFee Unplanned Prep Service Fees All marketplaces.
FBAInboundTransportationFee FBA Amazon-Partnered Carrier Shipment Fee/ Inbound Transportation Charge All marketplaces.
FBAInboundTransportationProgramFee FBA Inbound Transportation Program Fee All marketplaces.
FBALongTermStorageFee FBA Long-Term Storage Fees All marketplaces.
FBAOverageFee FBA Inventory Storage Overage Fee The US marketplace.
FBAPerOrderFulfillmentFee FBA Per Order Fulfillment Fee All marketplaces.
FBAPerUnitFulfillmentFee FBA Fulfillment Fees All marketplaces.
FBARemovalFee Inventory Removals All marketplaces.
FBAStorageFee FBA Inventory Storage Fee All marketplaces.
FBATransportationFee Multi-Channel Fulfillment Weight Handling All marketplaces.
FBAWeightBasedFee FBA Weight Based Fee All marketplaces.
FulfillmentFee FBA Fulfillment Fees All marketplaces.
FulfillmentNetworkFee Cross-Border Fulfillment Fee The Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and UK marketplaces.
LabelingFee FBA Label Service Fee All marketplaces.
OpaqueBaggingFee FBA Prep Service Fees-Adult-Bagging (black or opaque) All marketplaces.
PolybaggingFee FBA Prep Service Fees (Labeling) All marketplaces.
SSOFFulfillmentFee Fulfillment Fee All marketplaces.
STARStorageFee Amazon Warehousing and Distribution storage fee charged at a monthly cadence The US marketplace.
TapingFee FBA Taping Fee All marketplaces.
TransportationFee FBA transportation fee All marketplaces.
UnitFulfillmentFee Unit Fulfillment Fee All marketplaces.