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Deprecation Notice:

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) will no longer be available after March 31, 2024. All MWS developers must migrate to Selling Partner API (SP-API) to avoid service disruptions. Refer to the Migration Hub for more information.

Amazon MWS Documentation

FeedProcessingStatus enumeration

Enumerates all the feed processing status values that are available through the Feeds API section.


The FeedProcessingStatus enumeration describes the processing status of a submitted feed.

FeedProcessingStatus enumeration

Value Description
_AWAITING_ASYNCHRONOUS_REPLY_ The request is being processed, but is waiting for external information before it can complete.
_CANCELLED_ The request has been aborted due to a fatal error.
_DONE_ The request has been processed. You can call the GetFeedSubmissionResult operation to receive a processing report that describes which records in the feed were successful and which records generated errors.
_IN_PROGRESS_ The request is being processed.
_IN_SAFETY_NET_ The request is being processed, but the system has determined that there is a potential error with the feed (for example, the request will remove all inventory from a seller's account.) An Amazon seller support associate will contact the seller to confirm whether the feed should be processed.
_SUBMITTED_ The request has been received, but has not yet started processing.
_UNCONFIRMED_ The request is pending.