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Deprecation Notice:

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) will no longer be available after March 31, 2024. All MWS developers must migrate to Selling Partner API (SP-API) to avoid service disruptions. Refer to the Migration Hub for more information.

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Returns the current competitive price of a product, based on SellerSKU.


The GetCompetitivePricingForSKU operation returns the current competitive pricing of a product, based on the SellerSKU and MarketplaceId that you specify. Note that SellerSKU is qualified by your SellerId, which is included with every Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) operation that you submit. This operation returns pricing for active offer listings based on two pricing models: New Buy Box Price and Used Buy Box Price. These pricing models are equivalent to the main Buy Box Price and the subordinate Buy Box Price, respectively, on a detail page from an Amazon marketplace website. Note that products with active offer listings might not return either of these prices. This could happen, for example, if none of the sellers with offer listings for a product are qualified for the New Buy Box or the Used Buy Box. Also note that your own price for the SellerSKU that you specify is not excluded from the response, so your price will be returned if it is the lowest listed price. The number of offer listings, the trade-in value, and the sales rankings for the SellerSKU that you specify are also returned.

Note: If you specify a SellerSKU that identifies a variation parent ASIN, this operation returns an error. A variation parent ASIN represents a generic product that cannot be sold. Variation child ASINs represent products that have specific characteristics (such as size and color) and can be sold.


This operation is available in all marketplaces.


Maximum request quota Restore rate Hourly request quota
20 requests 10 items every second 36000 requests per hour
This quota and restore rate is shared with GetCompetitivePricingForASIN. Operations in the Products API section that send lists of items as input parameters have restore rates that are measured by item. For information on per-item throttling, see Throttling in the Products API. For definitions of throttling terminology and for a complete explanation of throttling, see Throttling: Limits to how often you can submit requests in the Amazon MWS Developer Guide.

Request parameters

For more information about the request parameters that are required for all Amazon MWS operations, see Required request parameters in the Amazon MWS Developer Guide.

Name Description Required Valid values
MarketplaceId A marketplace identifier. Specifies the marketplace from which prices are returned.

Type: xs:string

Yes For a list of MarketplaceId values, see Amazon MWS endpoints and MarketplaceId values in the Amazon MWS Developer Guide.
SellerSKUList A structured list of SellerSKU values. Used to identify products in the given marketplace. SellerSKU is qualified by your SellerId, which is included with every Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) operation that you submit.

Type: List of xs:string

Yes Maximum: 20 SellerSKU values

Response elements

The response elements that the GetCompetitivePricingForSKU operation returns are described by the following publicly available XSD: ProductsAPI_Response.xsd. The following table provides additional information about some of the key elements that are returned by the GetCompetitivePricingForSKU operation.

Name Description
Product Contains three of the sub-elements of the Product element from ProductsAPI_Response.xsd. These sub-elements are: Identifiers, CompetitivePricing, and SalesRankings.
Identifiers Contains the following identifiers that uniquely identify a product:
  • MarketplaceASIN. MarketplaceId and ASIN combination.
  • SKUIdentifier. MarketplaceId, SellerSKU, and SellerId combination. Only returned if SellerSKU was specified in the request.
CompetitivePricing Contains pricing information for the product that is returned.

Some key sub-elements are:

  • CompetitivePrice. Contains pricing information. The CompetitivePrice element contains the following attributes:
    • condition. Indicates the condition of the item whose pricing information is returned. Possible values are: New, Used, Collectible, Refurbished, or Club.
    • subcondition. Indicates the subcondition of the item whose pricing information is returned. Possible values are: New, Mint, Very Good, Good, Acceptable, Poor, Club, OEM, Warranty, Refurbished Warranty, Refurbished, Open Box, or Other.
    • belongsToRequester. Indicates whether or not the pricing information is for an offer listing that belongs to the requester. The requester is the seller associated with the SellerId that was submitted with the request. Possible values are: true and false.
  • CompetitivePriceId. The pricing model for each price that is returned. Valid values: 1, 2. Value definitions: 1 = New Buy Box Price, 2 = Used Buy Box Price.
  • Price. Pricing information for a given CompetitivePriceId value. Contains the following elements:
    • ListingPrice. The listing price of the item.
    • Shipping. The shipping cost of the product. Note that the shipping cost is not always available.
    • LandedPrice. ListingPrice + Shipping - Points. Note that if the landed price is not returned, the listing price represents the product with the lowest landed price.
    • Points. The number of Amazon Points offered with the purchase of an item, and their monetary value. Note that the Points element is only returned in Japan (JP).
  • NumberOfOfferListings. The number of active offer listings for the product that was submitted. The listing count is returned by condition, in OfferListingCount sub-elements, one for each listing condition value that is returned. Possible listing condition values are: Any, New, Used, Collectible, Refurbished, or Club.
  • TradeInValue. The trade-in value of the product in Amazon’s Trade-In program. For more information about Amazon’s Trade-In program, see the “Amazon Trade-In program” section of the Help pages for the Amazon website in your marketplace.
SalesRankings Sales rank information for the product by product category.

Key sub-elements are:

  • ProductCategoryId. Identifies the product category that the sales rank is taken from.
  • Rank. The sales rank of the product within the product category.


Example query request

For information about standard request requirements, see Required request parameters.

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POST /Products/2011-10-01 HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: x-www-form-urlencoded
User-Agent: <Your User Agent Header>


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Example response

For information about standard response formatting, see Response format.

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<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <GetCompetitivePricingForSKUResult SellerSKU="SKU2468" status="Success">
        <Product xmlns=""
                    <CompetitivePrice belongsToRequester="false"
                    <CompetitivePrice belongsToRequester="false"
                    <OfferListingCount condition="Any">296</OfferListingCount>
                    <OfferListingCount condition="Used">145</OfferListingCount>
                    <OfferListingCount condition="New">151</OfferListingCount>

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