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Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) Documentation

Deprecation Notice:

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) will no longer be available after March 31, 2024. All MWS developers must migrate to Selling Partner API (SP-API) to avoid service disruptions. Refer to the Migration Hub for more information.

Amazon MWS Documentation

Using multiple marketplaces

Describes the best practices to follow when you are registered to sell in multiple marketplaces.

If you are registered in multiple marketplaces, then you have multiple MarketplaceId values associated with your SellerId. These multiple MarketplaceId values can be, for example, an Amazon seller account or a Checkout by Amazon account, where those services are available. If you are in the Europe (EU) or North America (NA) region, you can sell in multiple marketplaces if you have registered using a single, unified seller account, and you will have multiple MarketplaceId values associated with your account.

Every seller has a default marketplace. The default marketplace is based on the country in which you first registered as a seller. For example, if you used the DE Seller Central website to register, your default marketplace would be DE and your default MarketplaceId would be A1PA6795UKMFR9 (see the table below for seller MarketplaceId values). For more information on selling in multiple marketplaces, see Selling on Amazon's European Marketplaces.

For backwards compatibility, when no marketplace is specified, all marketplaces within the default country locale are shown.

Note: You can use the Amazon MWS Sellers API section to determine what MarketplaceId values are associated with your SellerId.

Using the MarketplaceIdList parameter

You specify what marketplaces you want a report to cover by supplying a list of MarketplaceId values to the optional MarketplaceIdList parameter when you call the RequestReport operation. For example, an EU multiple-marketplace seller could specify that a report should include information from both their FR and DE marketplaces by specifying the MarketplaceIdList parameter as follows:


Do not confuse this parameter with the Marketplace parameter; the Marketplace parameter is no longer used for authentication and is deprecated.

For EU and NA sellers, you do not need to use a specific country endpoint, such as, to indicate what marketplace a report is for. EU and NA sellers can obtain reports for a given EU or NA marketplace by specifying that MarketplaceId when submitting a report request. For a list of MarketplaceId values, see Amazon MWS endpoints and MarketplaceId values. You can also specify a Checkout by Amazon MarketplaceId value.

Behavior of reports when submitting multiple MarketplaceId values

If you include multiple MarketplaceId values when submitting a report request, report processing will have a more complex behavior. The following are some general rules when submitting a report request with multiple MarketplaceId values:

  • Reports can vary, depending on the ReportType and MarketplaceId values submitted. See below for information on how a particular ReportType behaves when requested with multiple MarketplaceId values.
  • If more than one MarketplaceId value is submitted and one or more of those MarketplaceId values fail validation, for whatever reason, then Amazon MWS returns an error and the submission fails.
  • If no MarketplaceId value is provided, reports that are not Listings Reports show all marketplaces the seller is registered in. You must specify a MarketplaceId value for Listings Reports.
  • If a seller does not have a status of Active in a marketplace, only Settlement Reports will be available for that marketplace. For example, if a seller's status in a marketplace is Pending because they have not completed the registration process, that seller would only be able to retrieve Settlement Reports.
  • Note that Amazon MWS validates a report request before it is queued for processing. A report request passes validation when it contains appropriate MarketplaceId values for the ReportType requested. Passing validation does not mean that the report will be processed successfully.

Behavior of Listings Reports when submitting multiple MarketplaceId values

The Listings Reports in the "ReportType enumeration" topic can only provide information for one marketplace per request.

Behavior of Order Reports when submitting multiple MarketplaceId values

The flat file Order Reports in the "ReportType enumeration" topic can be used with the ShowSalesChannel parameter to show an additional column of sales channel information. The following code shows how the ReportOptions=ShowSalesChannel parameter is included in a report request:

  &ReportOptions=ShowSalesChannel%3Dtrue HTTP/1.1
x-amazon-user-agent: AmazonJavascriptScratchpad/1.0 (Language=Javascript)
Content-Type: text/xml

Behavior of Order Tracking Reports when submitting multiple MarketplaceId values

The Order Tracking Reports in the "ReportType enumeration" topic return orders from all of the marketplaces that you are registered in even if you specify only a subset of the marketplaces that you are registered in when you submit a report request.

Behavior of Settlement Reports when submitting multiple MarketplaceId values

The Settlement Reports in the "ReportType enumeration" topic can be retrieved regardless of the status of the seller in the marketplace. Settlement Reports will contain Amazon seller and Checkout by Amazon (if applicable) settlement transactions.