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Deprecation Notice:

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) will no longer be available after March 31, 2024. All MWS developers must migrate to Selling Partner API (SP-API) to avoid service disruptions. Refer to the Migration Hub for more information.

Amazon MWS Documentation

How to handle order items that require serial numbers

Some items in an Amazon Easy Ship order require serial numbers so that Amazon can generate warranty documents for them. Use the ListOrderItems operation to find out which items require serial numbers.

To handle order items with serial numbers
  1. Before calling the CreateScheduledPackage operation, call the ListOrderItems operation, specifying the Amazon Order ID for the order that you want to create a scheduled package for.

    Amazon returns the items in the order, marking the items that require a serial number with SerialNumberRequired=true.

  2. Call the CreateScheduledPackage operation using PackageItemList to specify serial numbers for all of the items marked SerialNumberRequired=true in Step 1. Don't specify serial numbers for items marked SerialNumberRequired=false.

    Amazon generates warranty documents for the items that you specified serial numbers for. For information about getting the documents that Amazon generates when you create a scheduled package, see How to get invoice, shipping label, and warranty documents.