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Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) Documentation

Deprecation Notice:

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) will no longer be available after March 31, 2024. All MWS developers must migrate to Selling Partner API (SP-API) to avoid service disruptions. Refer to the Migration Hub for more information.

Amazon MWS Documentation

Response format

Success response

In response to an HTTP request, Amazon MWS returns an XML file that contains the results of the request. If a request is successful, the response is returned with the data requested. The following example shows a successful response.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<RequestReportResponse xmlns="">
Important: You should record and retain for 30 days the RequestId and Timestamp for every request that you submit to Amazon MWS. Doing this enables Amazon to diagnose and fix any problems that you might encounter, helping to improve your experience using Amazon MWS. Without this information, requests to Amazon MWS support will take longer to resolve.

Error response

If a request is unsuccessful, the main response element is ErrorResponse, irrespective of the action requested. This element contains one or more Error child elements. Each Error includes:
  • An error code that identifies the type of error that occurred.
  • A message code that describes the error condition in a human-readable form.
  • An error type, identifying either the receiver or the sender as the originator of the error.

For more information about errors and error handling, see Error Messages.

The following example shows an error response:

<ErrorResponse xmlns="">
        <Message> The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records. </Message>

XML Character Limits

XML responses are limited to the Unicode characters compatible with the Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0:

Char ::= #x9 | #xA | #xD | [#x20-#xD7FF] | [#xE000-#xFFFD] | [#x10000-#x10FFFF]

If a response includes a character outside of that range, Amazon MWS returns Unicode #xFFFD (�) in place of that character.