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What you should know about the Shipment Invoicing API section

With the Shipment Invoicing API section (in conjunction with the FBAOutboundShipmentStatus notification), you can integrate invoicing into Amazon’s shipping process for a seller’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) orders. You can:

  • Subscribe to the FBAOutboundShipmentStatus notification to be notified when Amazon creates or cancels shipments for a seller’s FBA orders.
  • Get the information about FBA shipments that the seller needs to generate corresponding shipment invoices.
  • Submit shipment invoices to Amazon.
  • Check the status of invoice submissions to Amazon.

This functionality is available only in the Brazil marketplace.


These operations are included in the Shipment Invoicing API section:

Operation Description Availability
GetFBAOutboundShipmentDetail Returns the information required to generate an invoice for the shipment of an FBA order. The Brazil marketplace.
SubmitFBAOutboundShipmentInvoice Submits shipment invoice data for a given shipment. The Brazil marketplace.
GetFBAOutboundShipmentInvoiceStatus Gets the invoice processing status for the shipments that you specify. The Brazil marketplace.